Exoskeleton Apocalypse

by Juggernaut Crustacean

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released March 21, 1995



all rights reserved


Straighteners & Fasteners Butte, Montana

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Track Name: Pandora
Beholden to a power and
You hold the key
To the iron encasement that
Keeps you from me
Some things have been known
To remain untold
If only to release the
Secrets you hold


Now is it a pestilence the
Sting of your scratch?
Infections my mind and
Brings me peace at last
The pain of your memory
Binds me in thought
You're as good as what you get and that's
As good as it got


Beauty is in the eye
Pain is in the art
I heard you breath a gentle sigh as
We were torn apart
Though it lives inside of us and
Festers just beneath our skin
Sickness rides inside our brain and
Consumes us from within


Here is your innocence
Here is your pain
Here is a lonely girl
In the pouring rain
Here is the smallest thought
You kept inside your box
Here is the key that will
Never open any locks
Here is you
Here is me
Track Name: Love Like Battery Acid
This mortal coil
Turns to rust
When you betrayed the truth
You betrayed my trust
Now I'm alone
And half a man
You do what you have to and
I'll do what I can

You give me love like battery acid

You held me in your arms while you
Held me at arm's length
When you were finding yourself
I was losing strength
You can pour alcohol
Into the wound on my face
It will only spill back out of my mouth and
Spell out our disgrace


An anger burns within me
But it's not yours to keep
I draw from a well of life that's
That's a little bit too deep
You think you know me
But that's not true at all
I was only placed upon this earth
To take my fall

Track Name: Spacepox
How can I see the mystery from the lie?
How can I tell the world from my eye?
How can I feel the pain that you feel?
If I could see through my flesh then I
Wouldn't be real

There is no time to kill
Everything I see is real
Alien thoughts run through my skull
But I only know what I've been told

If thine eye offends thee won't you
Stick your fingers in and pluck it out
If the world's a frenzy it leaves
A bad taste in the back of your mouth
If my mind's dishonest the
Truth won't be known
We could die blind and
Miles from our home


The optic nerve is only
A few inches long
The cavity in which it sits is
Only so strong
Reality is minimized by
What what you perceive
My right eye for my left yeah that's
Blind ecstasy

Track Name: Aztec Rocket Ship
No one goes without
When everything's within
There is steel beneath if you
Peel back your skin
And time is empty I know
And space to be filled
Come for a ride in my stone boat if you
Want to be thrilled

It's made of metal and it's made of brick
I'm a gonna take a ride on my Aztec Rocket
Gonna lose my face, gonna take a trip
Gonna burn the atmosphere in my Aztec Rocket Ship
Aztec Rocket Ship

A spire of gleaming rock
Set against the sun
Some day we'll leave this place but I
Won't be the only one
The statues they smile
Out on the Easter land
And stare toward the stars wanting
To go there again


The light burns my eyes
Until it's all I see
And I won't care about the size of
Then I'll disintegrate with you in
Nebulaeic flame
A red star in the distance
Whispers our names

Track Name: Mutual Addiction
Some say things are never always how they appear
I won't understand what you teach me by
Choking back your tears
It's sometimes easier to see in the dark than
Staring into the sun
I won't believe them when they say I can
Learn from a dead man and his smoking gun

Not who I am
Not what I was
Not every effect
Excuses the cause
Not where I go
Not who I see
Not everyone's
Addicted to me

You ain't never gonna make it out alive
Every dog charges fair price
Step in any direction you can and
Throw the dice
Burn, baby, burn
Like a disco inferno
502 over-bored
Charred like a carburetor
Filled with gas
In the crown of a
Fictionary lord

Not here and now
Nor a later time
A handful of spite
To show for our crimes
Hole in my hand
Pain in my head
If I'm alive
Then why am I dead?

You hold on to
The nail in your right hand
And make a fist with your left
You pay the loss
Count the cost then
Pay for the rest
Rant and rage
Burn the page
Then quote it's words
Bloodstain the snow
They say they know
But I wonder if they ever heard

Not what you said
They've been lying to us
For 2000 years
Betrayed by those you trust
Stabbed in the side
Nailed to a cross
Nothing can hurt worse
Than to have your message lost

Not a little love
Not lost to life
You're not the one who
Perpetrated this lie
Track Name: Medicine To Show
Some is what you get
When you want some and that's
All that you get
You think there's nothing more but I
Think you settled for less
I've got nothing to lose and I'll
Never let it go
You kill for money and things and then
One day you've got nothing to show

I've got medicine to show you
People to go and places to go you see

Everything in your eye is a lie but I
Plan to transcend
You've got to live with your fear of death
And your hate is built to hide your pretense
It doesn't take long to see that you
Keep the fuel in the system you hate
And your lie is just like any other
Made by the Church or State


I won't bow to any sacred cow no matter
How much it's worth
And I won't sell what I believe no matter
How much it hurts
Once somebody hung on a cross, to fight the system and die
For what he believed
And I hope to do no less or just my best
If I ever need


Got your finger on the trigger and it's
Pointed at my nose, well,
Any coward can pull a trigger like everyone knows
So I say, go ahead,
If you ain't got the guts
To see truth for truth
and to see what's what

Got your finger on the trigger. you
Got your finger on the trigger, you
Got your finger on the trigger and
I'm not gonna blink
Yeah, I'm not gonna blink
I'm not gonna blink
Yeah, I'm not gonna blink